3 DIY Methods For Mattress Stain Removal

Mattresses are our source of comfort and coziness in our sound sleeps. Maintaining the mattresses will help you maintain our healthy sleep and overall health. Daily settlement of dust and dead skin cells can cause skin allergies and breathing problems. Staining is also very damaging to your mattresses and your hygiene. Stains can decontaminate the fabric of your mattress cause the growth of bacteria and can lead to mould infestation too. Routine mattress cleaning will help in you in keeping your mattress fresh and clean. Food stains and liquid spills can leave a very bad stain if left unnoticed and create bad odour which can be fixed by hiring professional mattress cleaning services. VIP cleaning services, Melbourne is providing you with 3 DIY methods for mattress stain removal

Mattress Stain Removal
Mattress Stain Removal

Methods for Mattress Red Wine Stain Removal

“Always make sure that you use the required amount of liquids and cleaning agents as the excess of fluids can damage your mattresses. Use mild commercial products if needed that too used in caution.”

Method 1: Carbonated water or Soda water

Carbonated water can be used for mattress strain removal, small stains and liquid spills especially. Soda water is generally mild and you can use it by pouring or spraying soda water on the stain and let the stain soak in the soda water. Leave the soda water for an hour and wipe clean the spot with a wet cloth. Make sure that the stained spot on the mattress is dry and clean.

Method 2 : Hydrogen Peroxide and Detergent

Hydrogen peroxide should be used with caution while handling it. Use hydrogen peroxide as a mattress stain removal agent. You can pour hydrogen peroxide over the stain and saturate the stain with it. Peroxide will take some time and will eradicate any staining particles left. Afterwards, you can use a wet cloth rinsed with water after the stain is dried and rub it on the surface. Keep rubbing mildly and you will see that the stain has vanished.

Mattress Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide and Detergent
Mattress Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide and Detergent

Method 3: Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda is an excellent substance you can use to remove the stains on your mattress and it can also take care of mattress sanitization and mattress deodorization. If the stain is fresh you can sprinkle baking soda on the stain and after few minutes clean the stained patch with a wet cloth. If the stain is old or stubborn you can use baking soda as a paste. Adding a small amount of water on the sprinkled soda powder will also help. Apply this paste on the stain and let dry. Soda will take care of the mattress stain removal and can easily be cleaned by a brush or a vacuum cleaner. Soda will also kill bacteria and any sign of mould as well making it an excellent choice for mattress sanitization.

Professionals like VIP Cleaning Service, Melbourne can help you:

As you have read above, methods for mattress stain removal are easy but time taking. We know that you don’t get enough time from your day to day lives to maintain your mattress on a regular basis. VIP Cleaning Service, Melbourne is there for all your mattress cleaning and mattress stain removal problems round the clock. Our professional mattress cleaning services will be there to offer you assistance 24×7 and keep your mattresses fresh and clean and in turn taking care of your health and sleep.

Professional Mattress Cleaners
Professional Mattress Cleaners

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