5 Things Which you Should Definitely know About Coil Cleaning?

Coils are present in every heating or cooling mechanism and hence coil cleaning is a mandatory step in the air conditioning cleaning process. The two types of coils here are the condenser and evaporator coils. The evaporator coil is cold coil while the condenser coil is the hot coil. Numerous coils like refrigerator coils, through the wall coils and more are present everywhere and hence requires cleaning.

Coil Cleaning
Coil Cleaning

Things About Coil Cleaning

Coil cleanliness is directly proportional to the efficiency of the HVAC devices since hot and cold air flows through the coil all the time. Things you need to know about coil and its cleaning:

  • HVAC devices have cold refrigerant flowing through these coils all the time to ensure the optimum temperature as per consumer requirement.
  • Transferring cold or hot air is being done via evaporator and condenser coils in any heating and cooling systems.
  • Dirt or debris accumulated inside or on these coils acts as an unwanted insulator keeping the air warm or cold when we need cold or warm air respectively
  • Overall performance of the machine is affected resulting in longer and hotter levels of cooling or heating level. A coil in perfect condition will not have any such dust or debris insulation which helps improve performance.
  • High concentration of Sulfur will lead to the condenser tube corrosion. This ultimately leads to system failure and expensive repair for condenser tube replacement.
  • This also diminishes the air quality which leads to sticky air. Excess humidity promotes growth of mold and fungal bacteria.
  • Inconsistent level of fresh air supply, taking longer or no humidity control in the living space along with ice formation on evaporator coils and overheated compressor will be the issued that you would need to face.

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Keeping every part of the your HVAC device is crucial for overall output. That being said, we ensure every part is checked before we start the cleaning procedure.

  • Based on the quantity of dust or debris accumulation on the coil, a low pressure compressed air or using solvents or cleaning solutions to remove the accumulation. This decision will be taken by our experts after verifying the current condition of the coil.
  • Coils can also be cleaned via steam however, only skilled professionals like our team can handle this complicated cleaning process.
  • Foaming chemical can be sprayed on the surface of the coil via garden-type sprayer. Once the foam saturates on the fins, vacuum is used to remove it and the process can be repeated until we get satisfactory results.
  • Coil Cleaning Service machines specific to this concern are also available and it can be used to clean coils. Many aci and alkaline cleaners are used in order to remove dust or debris on the surface of the coil.
Expert Coil Cleaning
Expert Coil Cleaning

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We are here to ensure that the coils inside the AC are working in excellent condition with any dust or debris accumulation. Feel free to call us at 1300 912 255 and we will be happy to comply. Call Us Today and also Online Book your Booking.

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