Curtain Cleaning Deals

Curtain Cleaning Deals Melbourne

VIP Curtain Cleaning offering Deals in Melbourne and  all suburbs

Cleaning curtain is a hell of a job, but the job must be done in order to avoid embarrassment in front of known or stranger. Curtains tend to get dirty because they spread across a wide area, therefore, curtain traps more dust and becomes dirty. To deal with this problem, at VIP Cleaning Services we offer quality curtain cleaning services, in which we offer services of all type of curtain cleaning. We provide all Curtain Cleaning Services at an affordable price, all our services have some kind of discount on. If you want to have our curtain cleaning services, give us a call, we will provide you with the best of our services.

Affordable Curtain Cleaning Deals

Curtain cleaning at VIP Cleaning Services is done by professionals, who do the job proficiently. With our exciting deals on curtain cleaning, you can have the benefit of our premium curtain cleaning services. We assure you that we will provide you with the best of our service.

Here Is Some Deal Which You Can Avail

  1. Onsite Curtain Cleaning– 10% Discount.
  2. Off-Site Curtains Cleaning- 15% Discount.
  3. Blinds cleaning- 10% Discount.
  4. Commercial Curtains Cleaning- 20% Discount.
  5. Commercial Blind Cleaning- 20% Discount.
  6. Curtains Stain Removal- 5% Discount.
  7. Curtains Dry Cleaning,- 10%Discount.
  8. Curtains Steam Cleaning- 10% Discount.
  9. Window Blind Cleaning – 10% Discount.
  10. Home Curtain Cleaning- 10% Discount.
  11. Eco-Friendly Curtain Cleaning- 10% Discount.
  12. Special discount for Senior Citizen.