DIYs for Air Mattress Cleaning

We all know about the comfort and coziness that air mattress provides to us. Air mattress makes an excellent choice for providing a comfortable space for your guests and soft comfortable surface to sleep upon. Cleaning methods for air mattress differ from that of other mattresses. Air mattress is actually made up of very delicate material which is easy to maintain and requires no extensive cleaning. Make sure you never ignore mattress cleaning time to time in order to maintain the quality and life of your air mattress. Avoid staining of the air mattress and follow mattress stain removal methods to get rid of stains asap. We are providing you with different DIYs for air mattress cleaning at home.

Air Mattress Cleaning
Air Mattress Cleaning

DIYs For Air Mattress Cleaning

1. Mild soap and Warm Water

Mild Soap or detergents are universal cleaning and stain removal products you can use for the air mattress. Make a solution of liquid soap and warm water in a bucket. Rinse a cloth or a sponge in this solution, use it to rub the entire surface of your air mattress. Keep rubbing to get rid of any kind of dirt or dust settled on your mattress. After cleaning the surface you should also clean the bottom of your air mattress by the wet cloth or brush and dry off your mattress under a fan.

2. White Vinegar and Water

White vinegar works wonder for air mattress cleaning as well as mattress sanitization and mattress deodourisation simultaneously. Prepare a solution of vinegar and warm water both added in equal quantities. Use a spray bottle to spray this solution over the surface of the air mattress liberally. A plain cloth can be used to clean the surface of the mattress, keep scrubbing until you get your air mattress cleaned. Dry the carpets naturally and wipe your mattress if you see any sign of vinegar or water.

Vinegar is also anti-fungal that means it will stop or terminate the growth of mould or mildew

3.Isopropyl Alcohol and water

Isopropyl Alcohol or rubbing alcohol is very good for air mattress cleaning and can be used for mattress stain removal as well. Make a solution of alcohol and warm water in a bucket, rinse a cleaning sponge or a cloth in this solution. Rub the air mattress surface by this wet cloth and keep rubbing to clean the air mattress thoroughly from top to bottom. Leave the mattress to dry naturally. For mattress stain removal, you can pour some amount of alcohol on the stain and wipe it with a cloth rinsed in alcohol. Rub the stain if its stubborn or old. Alcohol is also antimicrobial so by using it for air mattress cleaning you will take care of mattress sanitization too.

Mattress Sanitization
Mattress Sanitization

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