Are you cleaners have enough experience for End of lease service?

Yes, our cleaners have years of experience in this industry. They are well certified to perform any type of End of lease service. Our cleaners know exactly how to impress the landlord/real estate agent and get the bond back. They never fail to give 100% satisfaction to our customers.

Duct Cleaning – How can I schedule a duct cleaning service at my home?

Scheduling a duct cleaning service from VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne is very simple. All you got to do is pick up your phone and give us a call. We will arrange for everything else. Or you can leave your details in the contact us form and we will get in touch with you soon.

Tile and Grout Cleaning – Where are your tile and grout cleaning services available?

Our tile and grout cleaning services are available in all suburbs of Melbourne. No matter in which part of Melbourne you reside in, VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne can make an appointment for you. Book your cleaning service now.

Rug Cleaning – Can you provide rug cleaning on weekends?

Yes, you can avail our rug cleaning services even on weekends. We like to work on all days of the year even on public holidays because a precious rug might need our attention and care any day! Call us whenever you are convenient and we will restore your lovely rug to its original look!

Upholstery Cleaning – Do you guarantee your upholstery cleaning services?

Yes, we do guaranteed our upholstery cleaning services. We have full confidence in our technology and people and if you don’t like what you get from us just let us know. We will make sure to clean it again as per your expectations at no additional cost.

Mattress Cleaning – Why do I need mattress cleaning?

Mattresses are an abode of not only dust but harmful contaminants such as bacteria and mould too. With a naked eye you don’t even realize what kind of pollutants are there in your mattress. It has been found that unclean and dirty mattresses could lead to asthma, sneezing, coughing, allergic diseases, and other serious health hazards. Even if you change your bed sheets on regular basis it is necessary to get your mattresses cleaned once in a while. The embedded dust and harmful particles don’t go with just vacuuming it. So just call up the experts and get your mattresses spotlessly cleaned.

Pet Stain and Odour Removal – How do you remove pet stains and odour from carpets?

The research team at VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne has come up with excellent stain and odour removal solutions that show proven results. We use eco-friendly cleaning solvents to remove all kinds of stains. Apart from that we have special sanitizers and deodorizers to get rid of all odours and give a pleasant fragrance to your carpets and upholstery. Try our services to experience the difference.

Carpet Steam Cleaning – What kind of carpet cleaning services do you offer?

VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne has a complete range of carpet cleaning services for our clients in Melbourne. These include:

  1. Carpet steam cleaning
  2. Carpet dry cleaning
  3. Carpet water restoration
  4. Carpet stain removal
  5. Carpet odour removal
  6. Carpet sanitizing
  7. Carpet deodorizing
  8. Carpet repair
  9. Mould removal from carpet

We provide that extra care to your precious carpets in a special way. Call us to experience our exceptional carpet cleaning services.

End of Lease Cleaning – Is there any guarantee for end of lease cleaning?

Absolutely, we provide complete satisfaction and 100% guarantee for all our cleaning services. When our expert cleaners are done with their job they will request you to inspect for yourself and have a look to ensure everything has been done as per your expectations. Neither our cleaners will leave nor ask for payment until you say you are happy.

Carpet Flood and Water Restoration – Can water damaged carpets be restored?

Yes, all you need is the right people at the right moment. Our carpet water restoration experts at VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne are equipped with the latest technology and have proper cleaning solutions to restore your carpets from any kind of water damage. All we ask you is to call us as soon as you face the situation because the less time you let your carpets remain in water, the better it would be for them. We need to get down to work as soon as possible avoiding any permanent damage.

Curtains and Blinds Cleaning – What kind of chemicals do you use for curtain cleaning?

At VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne, we make use of only biodegradable ingredients to create cleaning products that are absolutely safe for your loved ones and safe on the environment as well. We don’t use any harmful chemicals that could have an effect on the Mother Nature. So you can be sure that you are safe in using our curtains and blinds cleaning services.

What kind of duct cleaning services do you have?

VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne offers complete solutions for your ducts in Melbourne and these include the following:

  1. Duct cleaning
  2. Duct repair
  3. Duct replacement
  4. Duct animal intrusion solution
  5. Duct fix
  6. Carbon monoxide testing
  7. Heater unit servicing
  8. Ducted air conditioning cleaning
  9. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning cleaning

We provide complete care for your residential and commercial ducts at VIP Cleaning Services!

Are you licensed to perform this service?

Yes, all our cleaners at VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne are fully licensed to perform the services they deal in. We have expert team for carpet flood damage restoration services and they are qualified, certified, and licensed to do the job. Your safety is our concern!

Can you provide same day end of lease cleaning?

Yes, we provide same day services for all our cleaning solutions including end of lease cleaning.

What chemicals do you use for carpet cleaning?

At VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne we use only environment friendly cleaning solutions that consist of no harmful chemicals. We do not like leaving carbon footprints on the environment. And our solutions are tested to be safe for your loved ones including kids and pets.

Do you take guarantee for your pet stain and odour removal services?

Yes, we offer guaranteed results for our pet stain and odour removal services in Melbourne. We will re-do the cleaning if you don’t feel satisfied the first time but we rarely have to do that because our professionals are experts in pleasing our customers with exceptional services.

What kind of mattress cleaning services do you excel in?

VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne excels in a variety of mattress cleaning services such as:

  1. Mattress dry cleaning
  2. Mattress steam cleaning
  3. Mattress stain removal
  4. Mattress dust-mite removal
  5. Mattress anti-allergen cleaning
  6. Mattress sanitizing

In what upholstery cleaning services do you have the expertise?

We have the expertise in following upholstery cleaning services:

  1. Upholstery dry cleaning
  2. Upholstery steam cleaning
  3. Upholstery water damage restoration
  4. Upholstery stain removal

Let us know if you need something else and we will try our best to deliver it you.

Can you do rug stain removal from an ancient rug?

Yes! We are passionate about ancient rugs and we love restoring them and cleaning them thoroughly. We have proven stain removal solutions that help us get rid of even tough stains from rugs without damaging the fabric or harming the rug in any sense. We take special care of your rugs at VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne.

What types of tiles and grouts cleaning do you deal in?

You can opt for any of the following tiles and grouts cleaning services from VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne:

  1. Grout cleaning
  2. Tile cleaning
  3. Grout recolouring
  4. Tile polishing
  5. Tile stripping
  6. Tile sealing
  7. Grout restoration

We know how to rejuvenate your floors in an exceptional way, call us to see for yourself.

Can you do onsite curtain cleaning without removing the curtains?

Yes. If you want onsite curtain cleaning then we will do exactly that. We work as per the customer demand. And if you don’t want to get your curtains removed, then we will come over and clean your curtains while they keep hanging at their original position.

Can you handle large commercial carpet cleaning projects?

Yes, we are thoroughly equipped, qualified, and experienced to handle big commercial carpet cleaning projects too. In fact, we have provided carpet cleaning to many commercial clients in our past.

Can you take care of animal intrusion in commercial ducts?

Yes, animal intrusion in ducts is one of our specialties. We are equipped to get rid of all kinds of animals from commercial ducts – rats, cats, or possums. We also do proper cleaning after animal removal and check for any repair work required.

Can you do something about the dirty water marks on the tiles?

Yes, we can make them disappear with our highly effective cleaning solutions that work as a magic on your tiles and make them absolutely stain-free.

What if I do not know the fabric of my upholstery?

Stop worrying about the fabric of your upholstery – why do you need to know it when we are here! Our experts will take care of your upholstery in the most delicate way possible, delivering quality upholstery cleaning by identifying the fabric once they reach your place.

Can mattress cleaning lead to end of sneezing and coughing?

Yes, but only if you get it done from a reliable and professional mattress cleaner. At VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne we assure you to deliver the finest mattress cleaning services that will get rid of not just dirt but all kinds of contaminants from your mattresses. This will surely decrease the cases of sneezing and coughing at your home. Try us!

Are your carpet cleaning services insured and bonded?

Yes, all our carpet cleaning services are insured and bonded ensuring our clients that their money is in safe hands.

Why is curtain cleaning essential for ameliorating the health of the people?

When curtains are free from dust, they do not pollute the air indoors. This avoids dust, allergies and rashes problems from occurring.

What is the specialty of your duct cleaning service?

We, the VIP cleaning services provide complete duct care in all the suburbs in Melbourne. We are cost effective. you will get the value for your money. Try out our affordable services. We have a skilled team of professional very good in carbon monoxide testing, evaporative duct cleaning, duct installation, cooling ducts cleaning, evaporative duct repairs, replacement, and duct repairing services. We provide duct cleaning service for both the domestic and commercial need.

Do you also provide carbon monoxide testing?

Yes, with tools and detectors, our professionals can test monoxide production rate in your ducts. And not only testing, we can also fix the issue in the duct and provide you with the safe environment. Call us now for the same day services.