Get Rid OF Mould From Tile and Grout

Mould infestation is so common that it can affect any part of our homes. From carpets to furniture and sofa but tile and grout also get infected with mould. Kitchen and bathroom tiles are more prone to form the black stains of mould because of the presence of moisture and water. Regular tile and grout cleaning should be taken care off to avoid the growth of mould and algae. If you see any signs of mould on your tiles and grout don’t neglect it as the time goes by this mould can actually harm your health and the health of your loved ones. Unhygienic tiles and grout with mould will harbour other germs and bacterias as well. Professional tile cleaning services can be contacted for tile mould removal and grout mould removal. OR you can also follow this guide to get rid of mould from tile and grout.

Tile Mould Removal
Tile Mould Removal

Mould Removal Tips from Tiles and Grout

  • Method 1: Baking Soda And White Vinegar

    You can use a paste made by adding baking soda and white vinegar for tile mould removal and grout mould removal. Apply this paste on to the black mildew or mould present on the tile and leave it there for a while. Now you can use some water and a brush to remove the mould and soda paste. Keep rubbing the black stain of mildew with a brush and clean it thoroughly. Baking soda also takes care of grout mould removal as it has antifungal nature and sanitizing properties.

  • Method 2: Clove Oil

    It is strange to know that Clove oil is actually very antifungal in nature and can be used as a tile mould removal agent. You can use it by making a solution of water and the required number of drops of clove oil. Put this solution in a spray bottle and use it to spray on black mildew. Daily spraying of this can also be carried out. Now use some detergent and water to clean off any sign of black mould. Clove oil is also helpful in sanitizing and deodorizing your tiles and grout.

  • Method 3: Tea Tree oil and Vinegar

    Tea tree oil can be used for tile mould removal. You can start by preparing a solution of vinegar and tea tree oil. Use a brush or a cloth to apply this solution of the black moulds. Keep brushing in a circular motion and see the blackness fade away. Tea tree oil is an effective anti-mould agent and you can use it for regular tile and grout cleaning and for tile stain removal as well.

Tile and Grout Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning

Professional Assistance:

VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne is the answer to your tile mould removal and grout mould removal questions. Hire our professional tile cleaning services for routine tile and grout cleaning. We can make sure that your tile and grout are clean and stain free. Tile mould removal is done by the best antifungal products used by skilled staff and we deliver the results within 24 hours.

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