How to clean Air Duct

An air duct is just windpipe of your house, well metaphorically. If you don’t clean your air duct, your house will get choked of dust, spider webs and spiders. Thus, cleaning of the air duct is a necessary work. It’ll reduce the risk of dust allergies and provide you with fresh and clean air. This will ensure a germ-free and healthy atmosphere in your house. To start air duct cleaning, you have to take some measure to clean it properly.

Choose air duct which needed to cleaned

Figure out which air duct you should clean first. Cover anything which is coming in the way, as cleaning duct might spread dirt. Wear a dust mask to protect to protect your mouth and nose from dust and debris.

Start With

  • Turning off the air ventilation by switching off the power.
  • Unscrew the ventilation duct and clean the duct.cover. Remove all the dust stuck in the cover also clean the air filter. A clean air filter would ensure a smooth flow of air. Clean the grill as well, use soapy water to thoroughly clean the cover and other parts.
  • Use a broom to clean the outside and inside grill of the duct. The broom will ease the dust, which will later become easy to remove by the vacuum cleaner.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to suck out all the dust in the duct. Make sure you have a heavy duty vacuum cleaner, a heavy duty vacuum cleaner will work efficiently and deep clean the air duct. If you don’t have a heavy duty vacuum cleaner, you can rent it from a local store. When you’re renting it, rent the one which has big hosepipe. So that it can reach to deep corner of the duct. Your normal vacuum cleaner would not properly clean the duct.
  • Cleaning of air duct should be done routinely as the air flowing in our houses pass through this system. Ignoring this might result in choked air duct and infestation of terrestrial insects. So, be a responsible house owner and clean your air duct routinely.
Air Duct Cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning

Call in a professional.

Professional air duct cleaners know the proper duct cleaning process. VIP Cleaning services Melbourne are an amalgamation of quality work and surety. We work to appease our clients by providing them with genuine services. Trust us once and give us a chance to work for you. Call us on our numbers or Contact Us for Estimate.

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