How to Get Rid of Dog Smell From Carpet?

There are several methods to remove the smell that your lovable pet leaves on the carpet. Just follow simple tips and tricks which will give you effective results. To begin with, just sprinkle baking soda or borax and vacuum the carpet to remove the hairs of your pet which causes bad odor.

Use vinegar and baking soda spray to eliminate the urine odor from the carpet. Keep your dog clean by giving a regular bath. Here are the detailed tips to clean the dog smell from the carpet.

Clean it with baking soda

Vacuuming is the first and important step to clean any type of Carpet Cleaning. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to eliminate pet dander and hairs. Because these are the two culprits which will cause bad odor in the carpet, use full-size vacuum for the large areas and handheld vacuum for throw rugs.

Carpet Cleaning With Baking Soda Melbourne
Carpet Cleaning With Baking Soda Melbourne

If the large vacuum cleaner is not available, rent a dry or wet vacuum cleaner from the local shops. To get deeper and harder under the furniture, use the vacuum hose attachment. After vacuuming the carpet, sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet and leave it for 2 to 3 hours as it will neutralize the odor and gives you good smell. Make sure to keep the pet away while you start the cleaning process.

After 3 hours vacuum up the baking soda, remove the baking soda by vacuuming the surface clearly. Vacuum one or two times to remove the baking soda completely, in this process both baking soda and the odor is successfully removed from the carpet.

Remove the urine smell from the carpet

If your pet leaves urine stains on the carpet, soon it will start smelling awkward. The lingering smell of the urine is not tolerable. Though it is difficult to remove the dried-up stain from the carpet, you can easily do it with the black light flashlight, it will work by shining on the Carpet Cleaning and spots the stained area. Now you can easily apply the odor neutralizer directly on the stain and remove the lingering smell easily. This black light is specially designed to remove the pet stains.

Remove the Urine Smell From the Carpet Melbourne
Remove the Urine Smell From the Carpet Melbourne

If you spot the urine immediately just absorb it with clean cloth or paper towel by gently pressing on it. Do not rub it as it will easily get spread into the carpet. Repeat the process until the complete urine is cleared from the spot. Mix vinegar and baking soda mixture and spray it on the urine spots and leave it for 5 minutes. Absorb the solution with clean water and clear the area; you can even use the pet -friendly enzyme cleaning spray to clean the urine spot.

Do not use the steam cleaner to remove the lingering smell from the carpet. Though Steam Cleaning works well on removing stains from carpet, it is not actually a good idea to remove the lingering smell from the carpet as they will permanently leave the urine smell in the carpet. The heat from the steam will bind the urine protein into the carpet and makes it even difficult to remove.

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