How To Maintain Your Split System Air-Conditioner Duct?

We all know the summer is too tough to handle especially in  Australia. All day running of your air-conditioners may keep your home, offices, building cool but you have to also know that it leads to high electricity bills. But the Split System Air Conditioner in our homes are working at their best or not how to know it? If it’s speed has been low down or the quality of air is gone bad then immediately start duct cleaning either it’ll be harmful to your healthy surroundings. If you find it difficult cleaning all the ducts on your own then it’s good to hire a professional because they know better.

Spilit System Air Conditioner
Spilit System Air Conditioner

Follow The Given Below Tips To Make Your Split System Air Conditioner Smoothly Throughout The Summer;

Check All The Filters

  • Filters are the first and the most important part because it helps to prevent the dust from going inside the air conditioner.
  • The air which circulates in your house, offices contains a lot of bacteria, dust and dirt.
  • It’s important to clean your filters regularly after every two months to maintain the power and stability of your split system air conditioner.
  • Gently open the cover of the front panel of your split system air conditioner and pull the filter out.
  • Clean all the dirt and dust stuck on it.
  • If it’s damaged then buy a new one.

Compressor Checking

  • The Compressor is an important part of the split system air conditioner because the compressor uses low-pressure gas in low volume and then turn it into a high-pressure gas in high temperature and helps in cooling the air.
  • To maintain low boiling point the compressor removes the water vapours from the evaporator as the refrigerant gas reacts with high-temperature gas with high pressure all the gas becomes cool and you get a cool and fresh quality of air.
  • Keep in mind you should always regularly keep a check on your compressor.
  • If it’s damaged or stuck with dirt and dust then it’s just to clean it.
  • Doing the duct cleaning of your split system ac can lead to a healthy and hygienic environment.
Duct Cleaning Service
Duct Cleaning Service

The AC Evaporator Coil

  • The evaporator coil help in absorbing the heat when the air from outside passes through the system and provide cool air to the blower and keep our surrounding cool and chill.
  • Regular replacement of the evaporator coil helps in increasing the functioning and life of your split system air conditioner.

Air-Duct Cleaning

  • Cleaning all the air duct which is coming inside your home or offices can harm your surroundings.
  • The air inside the duct carries a lot of dirt, dust and other unwanted bacterias, which is needed to be cleaned so that the flow and speed of split system air conditoner should get improved and works well by cooling your surroundings.

Check Refrigerant Leakage

  • The refrigerant helps in absorbing the heat and turns it into the cool air.
  • A leak in refrigerant can lead to dangerous situations. If there’s any leaked then it’ll not cool the premises and by spreading poor quality of air it can harm you and your families health.
  • Whenever you face such problems it’s always a good option to hire the professional for air conditioner servicing and repair.
Air Conditioner Servicing
Air Conditioner Servicing

Professionals Repair

Professional at VIP Cleaning Services in Melbourne know how to do things right for cleaning all the ducts properly. If you choose professional duct cleaners they’ll make sure that your air conditioner works good and cool. Our professional duct cleaning service has experience in this industry and by making a good impression on clients we serve the top best quality of service at an affordable price. If you want hassle-free service feel free to call us and book an appointment today.

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