How to Remove Mould From Curtains?

Moulds are the biggest enemy of the curtain, they destroy the presence of curtain by infecting it. Mould is a type of fungus which comes from air and settles on the curtain when the moisture comes in contact with fungus, it damages the fabric and causes allergies in people. The moisture in the curtain is the perfect environment for moulds.

The mould slowly takes over all the curtain and small or large black spot starts to appear on the curtain. If the mould is highly active on the curtain it destroys the curtain fabric and moulds are contagious and it can spread to other clothing as well, such as carpet, mattress whatever comes in contact with the curtain.

The moulds are very stubborn you need to hard push in order to get rid of them, however, if you want the complete solution for curtain mould removal, you need to follow the steps for curtain deep cleaning.

Curtain Mould Removal
Curtain Mould Removal

Start With Basic Curtain Cleaning.

The first step for curtain cleaning is vacuuming, vacuum the curtain from both the sides. Try to remove all dust and debris. The dust and debris cause the disturbance in the later cleaning stages, therefore, make sure that the curtain is cleaned properly. The moulds are contagious, thus, when you’re done with Curtain Cleaning discard the vacuum bag so the other things won’t get contaminated. The moulds spread fast and it can reach to the other fabric and infect them as well.

If your curtain is washable clean it in the washing machine. Use a mild detergent and dry the curtain in sunlight. The sunlight is a natural disinfectant, sunlight help in removing moulds.

Nevertheless, if the curtain is not suitable for water wash, you can dry clean your curtain or expose it to sunlight. Make sure to do not keep the curtain in sunlight for too long, it can cause discolouration on the curtain.

Moreover, anti-mould cleaner could be another bet. The anti-mould cleaner is chemically designed to kill moulds and prevent it from further spreading. You can buy this product from any local grocery store.

Blind Cleaning.

Blinds have multiple layers of fabrics which makes it the perfect place for moulds, moulds can easily hide there and spread throughout the curtain. Moreover, to remove moulds from the blind is twice as difficult. You need proper tools and cleaner to attack them and get rid of them completely.

To remove moulds from the blinds you can seek professional assistance, professional have a grip over Curtain Steam Cleaning work. They use the exact approach and deal with moulds in an accurate manner. Also, the professionals know the science behind moulds, this helps them to treat mould from the root.

Curtain Steam Cleaning
Curtain Steam Cleaning

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