How to Remove Recurring Water Stains from Curtains

Do you see a different colour fabric at the bottom of your hanging curtains? Or do you find the curtain colour at the bottom is different from the rest of the colour? Well, these might be water stains you are looking at. When water comes in contact with curtains for a long time, it can leave its marks. But you don’t have to worry. Getting rid of water stains from curtain is quite easy and we are here to help you with that to restore the beauty of your curtains.

There are three types of mixtures that you can use for water stain removal. These include:

  • Cold water and commercial cleaner
  • Water and bleach (recommended for white curtains)
  • A mix of two parts lemon juice, one part baking soda, and two parts water

You can also use distilled vinegar for the job. Take your curtains down and soak them in any of the above mixture or vinegar for at least half an hour. After that, either hand wash the curtains or wash them on gentle cycle in the washing machine.

Drying After Curtain Stain Remove

Curtain Stain Removal Melbourne

When you take the washed curtains out, you will be surprised to see that the water stains had vanished. Once done, dry the curtains either on a washing line or dry them in the dryer. Whenever you get down to clean your Curtain Stain Removal Melbourne it is necessary to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid any damage to the curtain fabric.

Don’t Let Stains “Set” In  

To avoid staining your curtains, it is also important to not allow the stain to “set” in. Whenever something spills on the curtain like wine, coffee, chocolate, fruit juice, blood, milk, ketchup, or any such thing you must blot the stain immediately. By sponging the stain quickly, you can avoid staining your curtain permanently. Also never press the stain ever because that makes it permanent.

In any case, if you find it tough to remove any curtain stain then it is best to call the experts. We have 20 years of experience in curtain cleaning. We have proper equipment and means to remove any kind of curtain stain including blood, coffee, candle wax, tomato, rust, tea, vomit, paint, mustard, lipstick, and any other. No stain is too hard to remove for us. For any professional call our qualified experts and save your curtains from damage!  


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