How to Sanitize Curtains at Home

How many times have you entered your home to find the window curtains soiled with stains which spoil your mood? Window curtains are so important when it comes to maintaining the ethos of the room.

In this article, we try to explore various steps of sanitising curtains by yourself at home. Most of the curtains available in the market are made of woven fabrics which gather dust from all living and nonliving sources.
That accumulation of germs, pollen etc leaves the indoor air quality in tatters. It often causes allergies to the human body.

Curtains Sanitizing Services

Your Detailed Guide to Sanitising Curtains

At the outset, the curtain sanitization process is based on the curtain type. In case you are not sure of the material your curtain is woven of, try to follow the instruction set provided by the manufacturer.

Now Let Us Discuss in Detail The Steps to Sanitize a Curtain Properly:

  • For Garment Fabrics

    These types of curtains should be first removed from the hardware attached. Shake up the curtain to let the settled dust fly down. Use a washing machine to wash a maximum of two panels at a time. Remember to put the settings to cold and delicate.
    Now the panels must be dried on low heat settings. And remove the curtains from drier soon after the time limit to avoid stretching.
  • Laced Curtains –

    Extremely popular these curtains made from sheer fabric are lightweight and thus all the more prone to stretching and wrinkles.
    So it is a good idea to wash these curtains with hand and not use the washing machine. Using cold water and a teaspoon of detergent works best in removing the stains of the curtain.
    In case you feel that after washing the panels, the crispness is lost you may use one cup of Epsom salt. Dissolve the salt in a sink full of cold water and just press out the water without rinsing.
  • Shell Curtains or Acrylic Beads

    These high on design curtains are extremely prone to tangling, so you must clean them without removing I.e. On place washing is highly recommended for this category of curtains.
    Lay towels on the floor beneath the curtains, and hang a bedsheet behind the curtain fastened by hardware rods. Mix two cups of warm water to a few drops of liquid detergent and spray them liberally over the bedsheet. Cotton washcloths can be used to wipe the curtains. Leave them to dry and you are done.
  • Velvet Curtains

    While most of the velvet curtains available in the market are suitable to wash in machines there are few which may have strict specifications for treating them to dry clean.
    For dry clean only curtains, it is best to take them to a trusted dry cleaner. 

To keep the curtains in the proper state it is recommended to sanitize them on regular intervals. While at the weekend you may just give them a good shake to dislodge dust and germs, once a month-end arrives make sure you use a vacuum to curtain cleaning in Melbourne. Vacuum cleaner attached to a dust brush works best to remove dust on a top-down basis for your curtains. Again sometimes on month-end, you may choose to instead use a dryer on no heat setting for just over five minutes.

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