Methods of Mattress Cleaning

This is the process of ensuring the mattress you are having in the house is maintained clean by ensuring the germs on them are done away with. Mattresses are mainly used at night during sleep and sometimes even during the day as one is resting or even not feeling well. A person can spend maybe more than 6 hours on the mattress. So here are some best mattress cleaning methods.

Mattress Cleaning Service
Mattress Cleaning Service

Things That Makes The Mattress to Be Cleaned

  • Sweats from human beings
  • Pet stains
  • Skin cells which are dead from the human beings
  • Vomits
  • Human urine and defecations
  • Molds
  • Dust

Requirement for Mattress Cleaning

  1. Odor remover
  2. Vinegar (Distilled White)
  3. Baking soda
  4. Sunbeam garment steamer
  5. Vacuum cleaner
  6. Rags
  7. Basins
  8. Cleaner enzymes
  9. Toothbrushes
  10. Laundry detergents
  11.  Spray bottles.

Some Methods of Mattress Cleaning 

  • Home Cleaning.

  1. Make sure there is air ventilation in the room you want to conduct the process. If there is not enough air it is better to go outside and continue with the cleaning process.
  2. Ensure before you start removing all the sleeping materials on top of the mattress at that moment. You can fold them and keep them aside or  you can also keep them in the laundry basket so that they can be cleaned too.
  3. Turn the mattress up and down so that it can allow the dust and particles that are not good for our health fall on the floor.
  4. Place the mattress on a clean floor so that you can continue with the process.
  5. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust, tiny animals on the mattress, molds and other particles that were not removed while turning the mattress up and down. Incase if one cannot use the vacuum cleaner he or she can dip rags in a basin filled with water and some laundry detergents so that the person can wipe the mattress to do the same work as the vacuum cleaner.
  6. If you spot a place where there is an animal or human stain you are advised to use enzyme cleaner, vodka or vinegar. This will react fast with the stain. Allow them to stay on the mattress for almost ten minutes to act effectively on the stains. A lot of air will be required to fasten the process.
  7. After the reaction pour some baking soda or odor remover so that it finishes the stinky smell from the mattress. Let the baking soda stay at that position for a while until it forms a foam like structure.
  8. After the foam like structure formation, vacuum clean the mattress again to ensure the form is removed and also there is no odor.
  9. Clean the bed with disinfectants or laundry detergents before returning the mattress back to its position

Importance of Mattress Cleaning Process

  1. It ensures one gets enough sleep comfortably. One cannot get a good sleep when the mattress is not cleaned.
  2. It reduces some illness brought from molds, dust and even bed bugs.
  3. It also makes one happy while sleeping since the place the person is resting is appealing.
  4. It ensures the visitors enjoy their stay at your place when the spend a night there.

Things To Keep in Mind

  1. If the mattress is too big for you to clean kindly seek help from professional mattress cleaning who are skilled with such services.
  2. If you have skin problems ensure you use gloves while doing this process
  3. If you finish cleaning make sure the mattress is left without being spread for a while to remove all the chemicals that may affect you as you sleep. 
Expert Mattress Cleaning Service
Expert Mattress Cleaning Service

Take Help from Our Professionals for Mattress Cleaning Services

Many mattress treatment companies offer mattress disinfection services And while you should prefer those who have well-trained experts with more experience do not forget to compare the quotations for details.

We at Vip Cleaning Services Melbourne professional mattress cleaning have well-trained mattress cleaning experts with ample experience and necessary certifications. We use well equipped products for cleaning and provide the service at very nominal costs.

Lastly, we also offers Same Day Mattress Cleaning in Melbourne Services which saves you from hassles of rescheduling the appointment.

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