Questions To Ask Your Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

There are some important qualities that every carpet cleaner should possess, so before making an appointment make sure that the carpet company possesses all the important qualities that are mandatory.

The carpet in your home is one of the top 5 most expensive purchases. So it is very important to maintain it in properly and carefully. When you invite a stranger (carpet cleaner) to clean carpet, just don’t ask only about the price, here are some questions to ask your carpet cleaner:

  • What type of cleaning do you do?

    Carpet manufacturers mostly recommend hot water extraction for cleaning the carpet. Truck mounted cleaning offers great results as it will provide the highest solution temperature and vacuum power, therefore, it will extract the dust particles and grim easily from the carpet.

    Therefore, ask your carpet cleaner whether they will provide you either hot water extraction or truck mounted cleaning for best results.

  • What type of cleaning solution do you use?

    Carpet Stain Removal Solutions Melbourne
    Carpet Stain Removal Solutions Melbourne

    Some of the carpet companies promise you that they will make your carpet look new and end up using harsh chemicals, detergents and other cleaning agents that strip the first coating of your carpet.

    Don’t take a chance before finalizing the deal. Ask the company what type of chemicals they use to clean the carpet.

  • Can you give some referrals from previous customers?

    Most of the carpet cleaners have developed a bad reputation by offering cheap prices through phone and not offering quality work or. Just check the reviews online while booking the carpet cleaner or take opinions from the old customers before you invite them to your home.

  • Are the carpet cleaners are insured?

    Your home and your possessions are really valuable. Normally carpet cleaners use high-pressure water on the floor and furniture. When some stranger enters your home for cleaning you must be alert and ask whether they are insured company and get the proof.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne
    Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne
  • Do you offer a guarantee?

    Ask the carpet company whether they offer a guarantee for the carpet once they have finished the job. Just ask the company will they get back to you to clean the spot that has appeared on the carpet just as it has dried.

  • What are the steps included in standard cleaning?

    Carpet Cleaning always begins with vacuuming the carpet. Most of the carpet cleaners never do vacuum cleaning before starting the process, therefore, the dry soil on the carpet becomes mud and the results are not up to level.

    So ask the companies about the steps of cleaning and make sure they include pretreatment of the carpet before cleaning it.

  • How long will it take to dry?

    Normally drying process never needs more time if there is proper ventilation or if you dry it in a proper way. If the Carpet Cleaner uses an excess amount of water it will take time to dry and can even spoil the fabric condition of the carpet. Ask the carpet cleaner how long it will take for drying.

These were a few questions that you should ask a professional carpet cleaning company before hiring them.

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