Which Is Better Carpet Dry Cleaning Or Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Carpet Steam and Dry Cleaning

The role of carpets in our home, office or anywhere is significant, they all are equipped with beauty and aesthetics and comes in different-different shapes and sizes. It’s no wonder why we love them, however, the carpets are vulnerable to damage and get affected with dirt, dust and stain. So, to counter these problems, we […]

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How To Shampoo A Carpet?

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is a thorough session of carpet cleaning, which removes the mud, dirt and stain and also sanitizes the carpet by killing all the bacterias, moulds and parasites. Moreover, the misconception about carpet shampooing is limited to a carpet shampooing machine and sweeping it all over the carpet. Shampooing is not about just shampoo […]

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Questions To Ask Your Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

There are some important qualities that every carpet cleaner should possess, so before making an appointment make sure that the carpet company possesses all the important qualities that are mandatory. The carpet in your home is one of the top 5 most expensive purchases. So it is very important to maintain it in properly and […]

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