Above My Expectations

I have tried many duct cleaning companies but was not satisfied. I felt they didn’t clean my duct so well. Then I came to know about VIP Cleaning Services in Melbourne from one of my close friends and I decided to give them a chance. I am really very much impressed by them. The team went above my expectations and did the duct cleaning work very well. The cleaners were very professional and used the best and safe cleaning techniques and solutions to clean the ducts. And after the cleaning process, they deodorize my duct. I am very happy with your service. Thank you so much. We are clients forever now.

Duct Cleaning Service
Duct Cleaning Service

Best And Affordable Mattress Cleaning Service

I always choose VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne for all my mattress cleaning needs. They offer the best mattress cleaning service at a very affordable rate. I have been using their service for many years and always got an excellent result. They clean all types of mattresses and provide their service to all the suburbs of Melbourne. The cleaners of VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne are also certified and qualified to perform a Mattress Cleaning job in Melbourne. I recently used their Mattress Steam Cleaning and as always I got superb service. VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne is really awesome mattress cleaning. I am a happy client of VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne and highly recommend them.

”Trusted and Recommended Company”

I am a regular client of Vip Cleaning Services Melbourne and have been getting exceptional Duct Cleaning services from Vip Cleaning Services Melbourne. Vip Cleaning Services Melbourne is a trusted and the most recommended duct cleaning company of the town. They provide cost-effective duct cleaning solution. The best thing about them is they give a guarantee on all their duct cleaning services. Their expert team perform outstanding duct cleaning. I want to recommend their duct cleaning services to all the people who are looking for a reliable and affordable duct cleaning company in Melbourne.

What is Better Dry Cleaning or Steam Cleaning Carpets?

In the dry carpet cleaning vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning discussion, it’s necessary to clear up a story that steam is actually applied to clean your carpets accurately. While house and commercial workers use hot water, which gives off steam, the steam itself does not clean carpet. Rather, the tool sprays cleanser onto your carpet. You can also hire our professionals for it.

Reliable Cleaning Services

We have continued using the mattress cleaning services of VIP Cleaning Melbourne. They are evermore effective, punctual, and deliver peculiar consideration to each detail. So doesn’t matter what type of stains your mattress holds, they will spot it out and rinse it. I would suggest their reliable cleaning services to everyone. Thank you!!

Excellent Duct Cleaners in the Town

I have been searching for the a reliable and trusted duct cleaning company in Melbourne for almost one month. As duct cleaning industry has the close association with the frauds and scammers, it is usually hard to trust any duct cleaning company easily. I discussed my duct cleaning need with one of my close friends, and she suggested me VIP Cleaning Service to get this task done. After hearing about them I read about them on the internet and interestingly I found myself surprised for finding them before. I immediately call them for the quotation of my duct cleaning work, and like a responsible and reliable company, they suggest me to have the duct inspect first and afterwards they offered the prices. Their duct cleaning team appeared to my place on the same day of booking and the best job at the reasonable prices.


Happy with Extraordinary Carpet Dry Cleaning

I am extremely happy with the extraordinary carpet dry cleaning delivered to my precious carpets last week by VIP Cleaning Services. I have suggested your names to my friends too. Thanks for a nice service.

Adam Brown

5 Star Mattress Cleaning Services

For anyone looking for 5 star mattress cleaning services in Melbourne, VIP Cleaning Services is the name. I have been using them for last 3 years and have always been left satisfied with their guaranteed services. Nice experience.

Joshua Monteleone

Highly Recommended Upholstery Cleaners of Melbourne

I personally recommend VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne for quality and affordable upholstery cleaning. They are friendly and deliver nice service without much mess. They even move the furniture on their own whenever required.

Theresa Balage

Excellent Tile Cleaning Services

For excellent tile cleaning services I always rely on VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne. They are affordable, use eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and work without interference. Their stain removal strategies are fool proof. So for me it is always VIP Cleaning Services.

Jordan Perree

Experienced Duct Cleaners

You get to know about the experience of a person with the way he works and that is how I realized that the cleaners of VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne have tremendous experience in duct cleaning. Whether it is installation, repair or replacement of ducts – I have got it done by them in the last 10 years. They carry out their task in such a fine way that it looks amazing. I always get any kind of duct work done by these people only.

Denis Johnstone

Upholstery Stain Removal

The stains could not have got a better treatment. Thanks to VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne for such a fine job at such an affordable quote.

Nelly Saldias

Carpet Wine Stain Removal

I never knew I could get rid of that tough wine stain from my favorite carpet but VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne proved me wrong. With an absolutely chemical free cleaning agent they removed the wine stain and made my carpet lovely again. Thanks a lot.

Lisa Elsemann

mattress cleaning

A highly recommended mattress cleaning service provider, VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne does a fine job at an affordable price. The technicians are all educated and licensed and the company is insured to perform this job in Melbourne. We are pleased to be associated with them for last 9 years with no complaints till date. We call them twice a year to get our mattresses cleaned.

Maria Ernst

Leather Sofa Cleaning

Leather upholstery is the toughest to be cleaned. No matter what you do it is almost impossible to bring the original luster. We took help from VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne and they did a great job. Our black sofa looks amazingly beautiful again just like the one that we bought originally. And we came to know that getting leather upholstery cleaned regularly also extends its life. So now onward we are gonna get it cleaned annually.


Great Tile Sealing

This email is to appreciate the efforts and hard work of your team that performed an excellent tile sealing job at my home in Southern Melbourne. We need more such people who care so much about the customer satisfaction and work as per customer’s convenience. We really appreciate your nice approach.

Tim Georgiades

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Cleaning

We had VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne at our home last week for ducted reverse cycle air conditioning cleaning and we are happy with the results. The system is working fine now and the air quality has improved. Hopefully the power bills will be reduced soon too. Thanks.

Alexander Ploss

Rug Cleaning

I am very impressed, delighter and happy with your service. My husband had serious sinus problem over nights and when we got the mattresses cleaned by VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne the problem has completely gone by now. My husband has recovered and all thanks to your professional team that took care of anything in a very fine way. Many thanks. –

Emica Uchigoshi

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Hi, Please extend my thanks to your team who took special care of my tiles and grouts. They got my floors utterly cleaned and got them polished. We even got the grouts recolouring done at a very affordable rate. Thanks to VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne! –

Duct Cleaning

We have had an amazing experience with their service in cleaning our heater unit. We got our hvac system cleaned and also got our ducts tested for carbon monoxide leakage as well. We are very pleased to say that we are highly impressed and glad with your services. We would surely use your duct cleaning service again. –

Carpet Steam Cleaning

No one does carpet steam cleaning better than VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne. They are efficient, prompt, reliable, and utterly experienced. No carpet is tough for them. They take care of stains and odours too. If you have not tried their services then try their carpet steam cleaning and you will be amazed to see the results. –


Curtains and Blinds Cleaning

The curtains and blinds cleaning service you provided was out of this world. I could feel that your professionals really care about their work. They even managed to show me and my children how your equipment works and gave us useful tips. Since you cleaned our curtains and blinds, our daughter has recovered from her sneezing problems. Thanks a lot for your time and for the care you provided to our curtains and blinds. –


Carpet Flood and Water Restoration

Water is the worst thing that can happen to your carpets and unfortunately we had to face the situation last year. But thankfully VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne were there to help us on time. Since that day we have always used their services for our carpets, mattresses, upholstery, and curtains. We really appreciate their hard work and professionalism! –

Mary Good

End of Lease Cleaning

We called VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne for end of lease cleaning and we are pleased to have chosen them. Our home was cleaned with utmost perfection and that too at a very reasonable price. I am proud to be associated with such professional cleaners. I am gonna call them again for my rugs cleaning. Keep on the good work. –


Carpet Steam Cleaning

Thank you for coming within a few days of our move to clean our carpets and mattresses. My wife was so pleased to have the whole house thoroughly cleaned without getting down on her knees and hands to clean it herself. The house looks beautiful after your cleaners got a good hold of our carpets. Thank you so much for the great work. –

Rupasree Hajra

Pet Stain and Odour Removal

Having pets at home is fun. My wife and I love our two dogs but they have their own share of disadvantages too. The house gets stained with pet stains and filled with pet odour. Thankfully we have found VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne who are experts in pet stain and odour removal from carpets and upholstery. We have been using their services for six years now. Glad to have a true cleaning service provider in Melbourne. –

Eric Johansson

Mattress Cleaning

I have been suffering from persistent coughing and sneezing and no doctor was able to figure out the problem or solve it. A few weeks back, my doctor suggested calling a mattress cleaner and getting my mattresses cleaned. So I called VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne. I am writing this email to let you know that there has been a remarkable improvement in my health since your guys left my house. I was not expecting any visible results because I have been coughing for almost 17 years now. But I am truly delighted with the consequences and will definitely recommend your services to all. –

Ian Stott

Upholstery Cleaning

My precious upholstery has been absolutely cleaned by VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne. Best part was that I got a special discount when I combined another service with upholstery cleaning. My best wishes to the entire team. –

Nichole Aschbrenner

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