What are The Worst Enemies of your Carpets?

Carpet cleaning is very important to keep it germ-free. It directly related to the health and hygiene of your home. We do regular cleaning and vacuuming in daily household chores which is not sufficient to maintain a healthy home environment for your family and kids. Dirt and dust along with kitchen cooking oil in the air, gathered for a prolonged period make the carpet spoiled.

A professional cleaning service can help you out. Hire a good Carpet Cleaning Services for your cleaning requirement. Dirt and dust gathered for a long time and make the carpet spoiled. So you need a professional at least once in a year.  This will give your carpet a new life and look.

There are lots of home accidents and spills which cause the carpet dirty very soon. Apart from the that Prolonged exposure to Moisture and Water, insects like carpet beetles and moths, Harmful Ultraviolet Light, Insect Damage, Climate issues, and pets can also damage the carpet.

Expert Carpet Cleaning
Expert Carpet Cleaning

In Spite of Regular Cleaning and Care Some Worst Enemies Behind The Life of your Carpet are As Follows:

  • Kids Spoil the Carpet By Eating Candy

    Kids are innocent and naughty too. You cannot always keep an eye on your kids. While playing, reading and sitting they spoil the carpet by a pen, pencil or ink and sometimes by eating candy.

  • Prolonged Exposure to Moisture and Water

    Moisture and Water is one of the most damaging elements to a rug. Persistent moisture and water rot the underlying fibers of the rug and damage it. It has been seen the carpets at the sink area or basement tend to absorb moisture after a prolonged period of time.

  • Presence of Insects Like Carpet Beetles and Moths

    You can find reddish-brown, dark or blackish Carpet beetles. They come from outside along with moths. Moths and carpet beetles also develop in the fiber of the dirty carpet itself. Regular cleaning of the drawers and closets can be helpful.

  • Insect Damage

    To prevent your carpet from Insect Damage, vacuuming without too much suction regularly once a week is advisable.

  • Harmful Ultraviolet Light

    The harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays in the sun coming from the window can fade the color and destroy the rugs. Using the glass with UV protective panels can be helpful.

  • If You are Keeping Pets

    Many people treat pets (like puppies, cats or rabbit) as their babies and allow them to roam around the home.

  • Climate Issues

    Often a continuous exposure to the sun may fade the carpet color and fiber dramatically

Best Carpet Cleaning Services
Best Carpet Cleaning Services

Other Household Spills

Some other household spills like juice, wine or coffee, soda, and oil stain are more damaging to the carpet’s color and fiber.Protecting the carpet from the risk of the aforesaid danger is quite difficult. So the best way is to hire a VIP Cleaning Services Melbourne. They know the best way of cleaning with advanced technology best suitable for your carpet type. They have the knowledge of applying the right quantity and doses of the chemical to make the carpet clean and germ-free without damaging the color and fiber of the carpet.

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