Things you need to know about curtain cleaning.

Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Curtain cleaning is a simple work, which can be done easily by anyone. By following simple measure, you can clean your curtains using simple methods. Here in this article, we have simplified the ways to clean curtains and tips. A nice and fresh curtain is a sign of a clean and hygienic room. There are […]

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How to clean Air Duct

An air duct is just windpipe of your house, well metaphorically. If you don’t clean your air duct, your house will get choked of dust, spider webs and spiders. Thus, cleaning of the air duct is a necessary work. It’ll reduce the risk of dust allergies and provide you with fresh and clean air. This […]

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How to Get Rid of Dog Smell From Carpet?

Get Rid Dog Smell From Carpet Melbourne

There are several methods to remove the smell that your lovable pet leaves on the carpet. Just follow simple tips and tricks which will give you effective results. To begin with, just sprinkle baking soda or borax and vacuum the carpet to remove the hairs of your pet which causes bad odor. Use vinegar and […]

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